We do in-house jewelry repair!


My Watch Dude is dedicated to providing the highest quality repairs for our clients. Whether you need a repair on your watch or your treasured piece of jewelry, we have an expert staff that will return your piece to perfect condition. Our in-store repair shop is staffed by master goldsmiths that are trained in all aspects of fine jewelry and Swiss timepiece maintenance and repair. We perform repairs right on-site and can complete within just a few days or a week. We restore your old family treasures and offer free estimates for jewelry repairs.


We clean and inspect our clients’ jewelry at no charge. We offer this service to keep our clients informed and either make them aware of any potential problems or to assure them that their treasures are in good, wearable condition. We aim to offer a little peace of mind and beautiful, clean, bright, sparkling jewelry upon leaving our store. No one does it better!

A few of our jewelry repair services!

  • Ring sizing and repair
  • Jewelery cleaning and polishing
  • Diamond setting
  • Remounting stones
  • Stone tightening
  • Stone replacement
  • Prong tightening and retipping
  • Ring shank replacement
  • Soldering
  • Chain repairs
  • Chain shortening  or lengthening
  • Rhodium and gold plating
  • Engraving
  • Restringing Pearls and beads
  • Redesigning your old jewelry
  • Complimentary cleaning and inspection of your jewelry while you wait