Richard Wight – Owner

Stacy Wight – Wife

Oscar Solis – Jeweler

Boys – Caiden, Huxley and Stryker

Shop Dog: Rolex “Rollie” Milgauss Wight


My Watch Dude is a dream come true for Rich. He began in the jewelry industry with his mentor and learned everything he could about jewelry and watches. He really began to “shine” on the sales floor and had a true passion for helping clients hold their vision and dream on their hand or on their wrist.

Rich’s passion continued and so did his love for watches. Rich began My Watch Dude in his living room during the pandemic. He was able to help clients find the perfect ring for engagements or the most luxurious watch they could imagine to invest in.

While Rich was working from home, so was his jeweler. They were able to keep busy all through the pandemic making magic happen. Offering an unparalleled selection with first-class service, our humble jeweler, Oscar Solis, quickly became renowned for quality and craftsmanship. But more than a standard, he creates a tradition of excellence.

In 2021, My Watch Dude became a brick and mortar store in League City, Texas. It is a beautiful log cabin building right on the busy Egret Bay. Staff warmly welcomes each customer to enjoy an experience not a pressured sales pitch, unless the 8 year old, Huxley, is here and you are interested in a Frank Sinatra watch he really wants to sell. The joy of coming in to the store can be just to get your jewelry cleaned, to see Rollie-the shop dog or to meet the family which is all here sometimes. Rich takes pride in teaching the kids about his love for watches and jewelry and they love to learn and help.

My Watch Dude looks forward to being a part of your special occasion or helping you achieve your dream watch or jewelry.